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How to Choose the Best Organic Bath Towels?

There are many different types of natural bath towels to choose from, cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp and even wood fiber. Each one has its own unique look, feel and absorbency rate. Some are certified organic while others are produced via sustainable methods. Wholesalers have even manufactured wholesale organic towels for the retailers.

Hence, we have listed a guide below to help you purchase the best variants of organic towel.

  1. Look for 100% natural fiber towels without synthetic additives or chemical-finishes. For the purest, most natural towels make sure they are certified organic or produced via sustainable methods. Avoid a natural and synthetic fiber blend. It can reduce the towel’s absorbency and attract odor build up over time, even after repeated washings.

  2. Choose natural bath towels that feel good and are highly absorbent. The type of natural fiber used in a bath towel contributes greatly to how it feels against your skin. It also determines how well the towel absorbs water and how quickly it dries after use.

  3. Consider the towel’s weight to determine thickness. The weight of a towel refers to the fabric density and is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Towels with a high GSM, such as 550 or 700, are considered medium to heavy weight. They feel thick and plush, making them a favorite for the bathroom. A lighter, thinner towel will have a lower GSM, which is a good choice if you like a flatter, less plush feel.

  4. Look for textures and colors that suite your bathroom décor. Most bath towels are made from terry cloth, a looped pile fabric. You’ll find terry cloth comes in a variety of textures ranging from plain to classic twill to fancy jacquard geometrics and florals.

  5. If terry cloth isn’t your style, look for natural bath towels made from alternative fabrics such as a non-pile flat weave commonly used in linen bath towels or a cotton waffle weave known as a spa towel.

  6. Look for tightly woven side edges and hems along both ends of the towel. Stitching on bound or hemmed edges should be secure so it won’t unravel in the wash.

One of the popular microfiber towel manufacturers have come up with a variant of bulk organic towels. If you want to invest in these please have a look at the expansive catalog. Checkout the MOQ of the products and communicate the bulk needs to the help team.


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