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Here’s Why Your Kid Need A Separate Beach Towel?

Why Your Kid Need A Separate Beach Towel

Once you look at your little bundle of joy walking side by side along the beach, you cannot simply think anything less than her comfort and ease.

Then how can you choose bath towels for the beach?

Here are some differences between a bath and a beach towel to convince you to purchase beach towels for your kid.


The major difference between a bath and a beach towel is size. While bath sheets are only used for soaking up the excess water, beach towels are meant to serve more benefits than just drying up your kid’s body. The extra length will wrap him up as well as allow him to lie on it and relax under the sun during your time at the beach. Bath towels generally range between 27 inches by 52 inches and 30 inches by 58 inches, whereas beach stuffs are about a foot longer, ranging around 30 inches by 60-70 inches.


Beach towels are often distinguished from bath sheets by their appearances. To suit different styles of bathroom decor, bath towels are typically designed in simple patterns and solid colors, especially monochromes, like blue, purple, lavender and grey besides white and black. On the other hand beach varieties are curate with different shapes, patterns and pints and not to mention each of them features a rainbow of colors. For instance, those with graphic embossing, displaying pop shades of pink, yellow or green make for great picks while kids hooded beach towels with animal faces are a huge hit amongst the toddlers. However, in order to optimize the experience of your little princess at the sandy shore, you can also place your order for towel dresses in various vibrant hues of pink and red that will not only wrap her up completely after some splashes in the waves but also notch up her style quotient further.


Another major difference between these cushy stuffs is their thicknesses. Since bath towels are subjected to absorb more water, they are made with thicker and better water-wicking properties. On another context, the ones meant for beach or pool scenes are produced with soft, lightweight and thinner fabric threads so that when your kids are rejoicing at the beach, the sands do not come in the way. Plus, these can dry up quicker than the bathing sheets.

Those business owners, willing to extend their business with kids beach towels wholesale should look into the above mentioned points before signing a deal with their online manufacturers.


As opposed to bathing sheets that are used throughout the years on a regular basis, beach towels are generally priced higher for their seasonal usages. Though there are some luxurious varieties of bath towels available in the market at expensive rates, beach towels with their different thread counts and pictorial designs and color choices always come in higher rates.

Retailers must keep this in mind while placing their orders for wholesale kids beach towels at the online hubs.

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