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Guide to Purchasing the Best Luxury Towel

Wrapping up in a luxuriously soft towel after a hot bath or shower is one of the best feelings in the world. A cozy selection of towels in the bathroom, is essential for any discerning home to delight both you and any guests.

There are many different towel types to choose from as offered by a popular turkish towel manufacturers.

Hence, take a look at the top luxury towel buying tips in the blog below.

Always choose a 100% Cotton towel

Whilst there are many other varieties and blends out there, cotton is still the best fiber for toweling as it is exceptional at absorbing water. This wonder material can hold up to 27 times its own weight in liquid and high quality raw materials are the key to luxury towels.

Egyptian cotton is best

The climate in Egypt is arguably the best in the world for growing cotton, hence, giving Egyptian cotton the edge over other cotton varieties. The best cotton in the world is produced on the banks of the Nile River and the handpicked cotton retains its original smoothness and gloss throughout the manufacturing process.

Combed ELS cotton is better

ELS is the abbreviation for extra-long staple fiber, which signifies that the fibers are approximately 3.3-3.7 cm long. This makes for soft and silky yarns which can then be converted into the most luxurious towels. Combing is an extra process in the spinning of the cotton, which removes the short fibers, and is essential to produce the typical silky and strong combed cotton yarn.

Choose a towel dyed using modern pigments

There have been great strides made in dyeing cotton over the last 30 years. In particular Indanthrene dyes, which are more expensive but give a high color fastness to light and chlorine, whilst being metal free and environmentally more acceptable than the more traditional vat dyes.

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