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Get a Wipe of Luxury with Towels from Egyptian Towels Manufacturer

Looking for Soft Cotton Towels that will give you Soft and Smooth touch while you enjoy a relaxing Spa or Bath?

Well, then you must not be looking for anything beyond the ones you would get from Egyptian towels manufacturer. As the name suggest, Egyptian towels are made of Egyptian cotton.

But wonder what makes this Egyptian cotton so soft and luxurious? 

Specialty of Egyptian cotton

The USP of these towels is the premium quality Egyptian cotton used in the making of these. Egyptian cotton grows in the rich soil bed beside the Nile River. Coupled with the moist climate in that region, the condition there is highly suitable for growth of long cotton fibres. These fibres being substantially longer than conventional cotton translates into uninterrupted fibre from which yarns and threads are made. It’s no brainer that the fabric composed of these long cotton fibres is stronger than the regular ones.

Secret to the Softness of Egyptian towels

Another striking feature of Egyptian cotton is that it is lot more porous in nature than conventional cotton. This helps it absorb more moisture than the regular ones. In fact, the unique characteristic of these wonderful towels is that these become softer and fluffier after every wash. Probably these remarkable features have made Egyptian towels so sought after by people who have an eye for quality and a taste for luxury.

Beware of Fakes

It’s common to find fakes of Egyptian towels owing to its huge popularity. These fakes may come at a lower price but these don’t have the same quality. For authentic ones, you can get in touch with Egyptian towels manufacturer. Oasis towels is one such reliable manufacturer you can find online. You can trust their products to be as claimed. Although Egyptian towels are a tad expensive but with bulk orders you can get great discounts.

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