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Cotton Towels: 5 things that Make Them Great

Cotton towels are common- from our washrooms to hotels, everyone uses them. But what makes them so popular? The advantages of cotton towels are many, which further make them worth the purchase. Keep scrolling down to know more about them.

Cotton towels are kings of softness

This is a unanimous agreement- cotton towels are extremely soft and fluffy. The use of natural fiber gives them a super silky and smooth finish. Unlike any other fabrics, cotton lends an easy touch on the skin, making them a great pick for daily use. It is for this particular reason that most of the hotels and spas resort to using cotton towels. There is no harm in making the guests feel homely. Wholesale towels manufacturers use the best cotton fabrics on the market to craft the towels that are displayed in their massive inventory.

They are affordable

cotton towels hotels

Okay, so again, unlike any other fabrics out there, cotton is easily available, this makes them super affordable. Certainly there are more expensive versions of cotton in Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton, however, they have royal past and were always deemed a luxury. But the regular cotton, with which most of the apparels are made of, is cheap and reasonable, thus, lowering the cost of the manufacturing the towels.

Low maintenance makes them an easy choice

Quite literally, cotton doesn’t need extra special care to have a long and healthy life. They are not high maintenance. Throw the towels in the washing machine along with the other clothes and pour some detergent, and you can just chill. Cotton towels are always in the peak condition and can survive in the long haul without having to be taken care of. Just dry them properly every time after they get wet and store them in a nice cupboard to ensure a long lifespan.

Rainbow of colors gives the right edge

Red, blue, green, yellow, purple and on and on and on the list of color goes. Cotton has no reservation against colors. In fact, they love colors. White is predominantly used because it looks sophisticated and elegant, but none of us would mind a splash of colors in the bathroom. Also, it is easier to reflect patterns and prints on cotton towels for they can last longer. Cotton is receptive to dyes, thus allowing them to come in a plethora of shades and textures, adding to our delight.

Cotton towels are more natural than ever

When you buy a cotton towel, you will notice that the tag contains a small piece of information stating that the towel is made of 100% cotton. This is because cotton is the most natural of all fabrics and it contains no chemicals at all. A cotton towel is absorbent due to the natural texture it contains. This texture, when exposed to water, exfoliates to the surface, thus giving it a soft finish.

Hence, all these factors combined make cotton towels the best to invest in. there are different categories for cotton as well, for instance, Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, Turkish cotton and Pima cotton. Each has their own qualities that make them more or less equal to each other. So next time you go towel showing, keep these facts in your mind and buy a nice cotton towel.

From bath towels to wholesale beach towels, top manufacturers have an inventory that boasts of the best cotton towels. Retailers can make a bulk purchase by registering online. Massive discounts are available on bulk purchase.

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