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Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing the Best Egyptian Bath Towel

When you’re out there making your first luxury towel investment; consider the two main attributes of your towel: fabric and density. Apart from these, there are other key features as well that you need to lookout for so that you make the right choice. A renowned supplier of organic cotton towels in the industry has curated a collection of such bath towels that you can have a look at. Meanwhile, let’s read on the blog to know more.

Bath Towel Fabric

Cotton towels are the most common choice, but not all cottons are the same, quality-wise. Some towels are entirely cotton, while others may have other natural fibers added for softness. Bath towels made from Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Turkish cotton feature extra-long fibers. These superior towels are highly absorbent, strong, and durable when cared for properly.

Bath Towel Density

Look for the GSM number, which refers to grams per square meter. This number indicates the fabric density of the towel. In fact, the higher the number, the better quality the towel. Good-quality cotton bath towels have a GSM of at least 500, for luxury towels, select a GSM of at least 600. Keep in mind that dense, heavy towels may take a longer time to dry.

Bath Towel Care

Now that you’ve found your dream towels, keep them looking their best with proper care. A little hard-work goes a long way, so opt for warm water over hot, and select mild liquid detergents instead of harsh ones. These simple steps can help to preserve the quality and the appeal of the towel. Fabric softener might seem like a logical choice, but it can build up a waxy coating on towels that affects their absorbency. If you find yourself tempted to reach for the fabric softener, try some distilled white vinegar as it is safe to use and won’t have harsh effects on the quality.

Do you wish to invest in premium Egyptian cotton towels wholesale? Contact one of the renowned towels supplier in USA and checkout the vast assemblage of designer organic towels that the supplier has in store. Place your order to get discounts as well.

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