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Ask Your Towel Distributor These Questions Before Placing Bulk Orders!

If you are a bulk towel retailer, then revamping your towel collection for the better during the summer and beach season looks like a good strategy. However, since you are looking for alternative towel producers, it must mean that you are not happy with your present manufacturer.

So, to get you out of the sticky situation and ensure that you do not go through such an ordeal again, this blog is going to list a few questions that you need to ask your manufacturer before you decide to put in your bulk orders for the new collection!

Are all your catalog items available?

This is by far one of the most important questions when it comes to dealing with towel manufacturers. It does not matter if you are a towel distributor or retailer, asking this question would clear a lot of doubts and dilemmas. Many towel production companies put a huge list on their catalog, but often, not all of them are available. One of the main reasons for that is because they do not have those particular designs in the first place. So, if you want to have a towel manufacturer on your team, make sure they are worth the order and can deliver your needs.

How frequently do you add new towels to the inventory?

Many of the manufacturers have had the same catalog for years now and that is never a good thing for your business. With time everything from preferred colors to fashion sensibilities change, even if they are for towels, and customers always need something new and better to look at. So, if it so turns out that your manufacturer is not able to answer this question definitely, then you should steer away from them. Stick to one that knows the importance of the new towel fashion and has an active design team that caters to those needs.

What is your MOQ?

Knowing the MOQ of your latest manufacturer is as important as knowing whether they make towels at all. If you want to sample out the manufacturers reception with your customers, then it is very important that they have low MOQs because that ensures that you do not have invest a lot of money when making your first bulk order. Once that goes well, you can always order the next batch and be sure that profits are always on the way.

Do you maintain quality according to prices? Or what kind of materials do you use for your towels?

When talking to manufacturers of bulk towels Australia, make sure that you ask them about the quality of materials that they use to make towels of different categories. This will give you a good insight on whether you want their products on your shelves – depending on if your customers will like it. Towels are a sensitive item and a lot of people are really picky about the type they use – so as their trusted retailer, you should carry on the chain of trust and ask the manufacturer if they use are up to the level.

These are the 4 questions to ask your towel manufacturer if you want to have a long term relationship with them and not keep changing one manufacturer after another. Let’s just hope you find your manufacturing partner!

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