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All That You Need To Know About Cooling Towels

Cooling towels have given the word ‘towel’ an entirely new meaning. Once upon seen and used just as a simple piece of clothing with all having just one function of soaking water from your body, now with everyday changes, the designers have brought in light “cooling towels” which are made in such a way that it helps in regulating the body temperature to a comfortable level without suffering any effects of heat stress.

How does a cooling towel work?

These towels work through evaporate cooling. It not just feels pleasant on your body as it feels cool and damp but it also helps in transferring heat from the body to the towel. Through the evaporation, the heat is then lost, ultimately providing you a cooling effect. To activate it instantly, all you have to do is wet, wring, snap and swing the towel in order.

How long do the cooling towels stay cool?

As stated already, these are water activated towels for which you need to soak them in water, wring and snap a few times before use, the materials used in the production of cooling towels wholesale will make you feel the towel as dry, yet they hold moisture to cool down your body instantly say after a heavy workout for up to almost 2 hours. Some of them come with an added benefit of protecting you from excess sun as well.

Can the normal house towels be used as cooling towels?

Though the principle of evaporating cooling can be applied to normal house towels as well but when you soak it, wring it and use it on your body, you will find the cooling effect stays for only a short period of time as they are not made up of the special microfiber material which is used in making the cooling towels, they will be unable to absorb and spread moisture, modulate evaporation and keep the towel cool. Moreover, ordinary house towels are way too big to be used conveniently and going by their size, it will be much more difficult to pack them.

When can you use them?

Whether you are out taking a morning stroll under the sun, cycling with your friends, inside a hot room, after a rigorous workout session feeling hot and all sweaty, involved in king of high energy requiring sports or activities, a cooling towel will help in keeping your body cool, so that you can feel calm and relaxed as well. They will provide you a greater comfort when chilling down, more than sipping your favorite cold beverage.

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