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All About Kitchen Tea Towels You Must know For A Better Cleaning Experience!

The decoration of your kitchen does not end with the stylish oven or the high-end storage space. There are other factors too upon which the beauty of your kitchen depends. First and foremost what you need to make sure is that your kitchen is squeaky clean. Any small trace of dirt can just destroy the smartened appeal of it. You might have stack of plates kept in your kitchen which needs regular wash followed by drying. Water can cause stain on your dishes if it is not dried up in the proper way, making your plates look nasty.

So, what do you think you need to make your kitchen clean?

Yes, you guessed it right, a tea towel. But, the quest doesn’t end here. A tea towel has various other functions too, apart from keeping your dishes clean and dry. And there are many types of kitchen tea towels wholesale available in the market. So, check out what you need to know before you lay your hands upon your tea towels.

Types of tea towels:

Tea towels come in different styles and each one has its own unique characteristic.

Here are three types of tea towels you can easily find at market. Read on!

Tea Towels in Terry cloth:

Terry cloth towels are basically cotton made towels that have a high rate of absorbency. These towels are large in size and can be used as a counter or bar mop.

Jacquard Kitchen Towels:

Jacquard kitchen towels are made with a blend of cotton and linen. These are highly porous and at the same time more durable than the cotton tea towels. You can find ample colors and patterns in Jacquard towels. These are best for wiping glassware because of their smoothness.

Paper towels:

Paper towels can be used both on the counter top as well as on the dishes. These are disposable and have different degrees of absorbency.

Function of tea towels:

Tea towels are an essential part of your kitchen. When you need to wipe your hands after a wash or notice an oily stain on your counter top, all you grope for is a kitchen towel. Not just wicking off the water from your utensils, these kitchen tea towels also style up your cooking zone with a dash of color and flamboyance.

Availability of kitchen towels:

With the onset of the virtual stores of the premium towel manufacturers, getting hold of wholesale tea towels is no longer a daunting task. Now you can get your kitchen tea towels delivered at your doorstep with just a click. So, start browsing and select the trendy dish towels for your kitchen.

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