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Add a Splash of Color to Your Towels Collection with Sublimation Varieties

While the ever-so-green white towels are still the champ in market—adored by all—a new breed of towels have emerged on the scene that is making the headlines for all the good reasons.

Multi-Hued Towels are the New ‘It’

They are eye-catchy and wow-worthy. And with so many varieties available that can sufficiently target a wide range of consumer market, they are loved by many. In fact, sublimation towels are the new ‘it’ in the market that are today must have for the retailers in USA, Australia and UK.

The vibrancy and busyness of these towels are the real appeal. In different colors, patterns and graphics, they are the complete delight. With custom varieties, small businesses can easily target various consumer bases. The Disney-inspired ones for the kids; monochrome types for the beach-lovers; text ones for the gym-goers.

Even the hotel-owners are much open to new and unique varieties of towels; making custom sublimation ranges the foremost option.

Aside the visual draw, top and dedicated sublimation towels manufacturers have also ensured these towels exude a luxury feel in terms of quality.

Constructed using the finest of Egyptian, Turkish and organic cotton, the sublimated towels are ultra soft that highlight unmatched absorbing and wicking properties. The threads—of different lengths—are fine and smooth that feels a delight on skin.

So if your business deals in towels, give your collection a 360 shuffle. Do keep the traditional varieties. But also add a splash of colors to it. Dial a good sublimation towels manufacturer today and order a custom (and affordable) wholesale right away.

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