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A Briefing on Hand Towels and How to Make the Best Selection

Towels are indispensable materials that we use in our day to day lives. We use them while bathing, while we go to the beach, for cleaning our face, as well as our hands. Whatever is the need for their usage, towels are extremely important for maintaining our hygiene and so they should be cleaned regularly.

There are different kinds of towels available in the market. Depending on their usage, you can classify them as bath towels, hand towels, beach towels, etc. The materials used for creating these towels also vary greatly. The textiles that are used most often for towels include cotton, bamboo, rayon, wool and certain non-woven fibers. You can also get them in various attractive colors, shades and designs. Attractive towels are also valued as bathroom decor items on many occasions.

Special features of hand towels

Hand towels are mainly used for wiping and drying off the hands after washing them. They are much smaller than bath towels but somewhat larger than handkerchiefs. Like the bath towels, they are primarily made out of cotton-based terrycloth that gives them more power to absorb water. These towels are some of the widely used variants of towels within the home environment. They are generally kept just beside the sink so that a person washing his hands can immediately have a towel to wipe off his or her hands.

Tips for buying hand towels

When you are looking to buy hand towels, it is important that you go for the ones that have a higher thread count. This will make them more thick and soft and give them higher absorbent power. There are a lot of hand towel manufacturers at present that can provide you with cool hand towels. These manufacturers design hand towels in different variations and while you may get them in solid color shades, there are also those that come with attractive designs on them. Among the towels that come in solid colors, the black hand towels and pink hand towels deserve special mention as they are most widely bought. The pink towels are a favorite with children and the black towels are preferred by adults mostly for their sophisticated look.

The best place to shop for hand towels is with the wholesalers as they can not only provide you with ample choices but can also provide you quality materials at decent rates. They also arrange for special offers that allow you to buy bulk amounts of hand towels at discounted prices.


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