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5 Uses of Hand Towels in Different Places

Full Audio Version: 5 Uses of Hand Towels in Different Places

Though a small and simple piece of fabric, the ability of a hand towel is much more than one can anticipate. Hand towels are that indispensable item which all of us need and use and somewhere have taken it for granted. But notwithstanding its superhero qualities, here is a list of places where the use of this tiny essential piece is requisite and obligatory. Bulk hand towels suppliers have assembled a large variety of the same in different shades and textures.

hand towels manufacturerSo, keep scrolling down and understand their full use. 

In the Gym

When working out, by rule you are supposed to be using a hand towel. The reason is simple; you can’t tag along with a heavy, full-size towel when working out. To wipe your sweat and keep yourself dry (unless you want to become a puddle of sweat), it is necessary to use a hand towel. With the right size, you can also use a hand towel to hold onto the equipment which in all probability might be full of someone else’s sweat. (Yes, disgusting!). So the use of hand towel in the gym is quite essential.

In your House

According to its basic definition given in the dictionary, a hand towel is used to dry off the face and hands after washing them. They are kept in the house for this particular reason- to use to dry off the hands and face. These hand towels are made of 100% cotton and usually have a smooth finish.

In the Locker Room

The hand towels in the locker rooms have almost the same use as that of the gym. Players and athletes usually carry them in their pockets so as to wipe off the excess sweat accumulated on their face and arms when playing a sport. These are crafted using fabrics like a blend of polyester and cotton, which can absorb moisture. Other than the exception of holding equipment, their use resorts to that in the gym.

In the Hotels

Hotel staffs make it a point to provide different types of towels to the guests, hand towels being one of them. They are placed meticulously in the lobby or in the washroom that is accessed by the visitors. Soft, white towels made from fine quality materials are used to give them a smooth and polished finish.

In the Decoration Section

Hand towels have one more use that is a little less functional, and a little more decorative. Colorful hand towels are used at many restaurants and clubs and sometimes even in our houses as an accoutrement. They also come with little embellishments like embroidery that further add to their ornamental quality.

With practically so many uses (more than the few mentioned here), a hand towel might be small in its size but massive in its effort. Bulk hand towels suppliers have an array of them in their collection that can be purchased by retailers at a discounted rate.

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