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4 Super Useful Tips to Buy the Best Bath Towels

Though many of us do not really credit them for their significant contribution to our daily lives, but bath towels deserve every bit of our attention. A good bath towel not only serves as an addition to the decor of the bathroom, but also helps you dry off your body without making you feel coarse and rough.

There are a lot of variations available for towels, especially bath towels, with a variety in their make, design, size and comfort. However, do not let yourself get fooled by the look of it. To help you pick a towel that is worthwhile, here is a list of tips that you need to consider before investing in a towel. Read on and learn more about it.

Absorbency of the Towel

No matter how stunning a bath towel looks, the main function of it is to absorb moisture. Thus, it goes without

saying the bath towel you are using should have high porosity qualities. While cotton bath towels are extremely porous and soak the maximum amount of water, variations weaved to its basic design is often introduced by the wholesale bath towels suppliers to increases its quality in general as well. In fact, terry weave is the most popular when it comes to constructing bath towels!

Fabric of the Towel

It is a well-known fact that the fabric of the towel contributes to its quality. A number of factors depend on it (most of the other aspects of the towel actually depends on it). The softness of the towel (the touch it lends on your skin is important), how fast it dries, whether or not will it last long are directly correlated with the fabric used to construct the towel. While cotton remains to be the best choice of material (for obvious reasons), sometimes synthetic fibres are also used to craft them.

Egyptian cotton is also very popular; however, they are extremely expensive and thus used only for special occasions.

Time it takes to Dry

No one and absolutely no one like a damp bath towel lying in the corners of their house. So barring the fact that a bath towel should be able to absorb moisture, it should also possess drying qualities. If a towel fails to dry properly, they leave out a foul stench. The fabric also gets affected in the long run, minimising its life expectancy.

Weight of the Towel

Higher the density of the bath towel, longer is its chances of lasting. Thin towels with a low density face the challenge of wearing and tearing fast. It is their inability to last long which makes them a not-so-wise pick. Light weight but high in density towels are the best in the category for ensure superior quality and durability.

With the tips mentioned above, now make a wise choice before investing in a bath towel. Wholesale bath towels suppliers have designed the best of the towels that are high on a quality, without compromising on the style quotient. Interested retailers who are planning to update their store collection by making a bulk purchase can take a look at the vast catalogue. Online registration can further help secure massive discounts.


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