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3 Adorable and Innovative Things you can Make from Bathroom Towels

Hold on the thought of disposing that old, discoloured bath towel and read the following article. Recycling towels to create something exciting out of it is a pioneering idea. Towel art is fun and entertaining. The result of the craft is useful and valuable.

Who wouldn’t want a cheap and long lasting home decor?

Using a variety of towels that may range from the small ones to the massive ones, the soft ones to the coarse ones, the creation can be immense. So chiefly focusing on the things that you can make with towels that are beautiful to look at, or can be used with ease, here is a comprehensive list.

Towel Bags

Crazy at first, but effective beyond imagination! Bags made out of old towels are one of the best craft creations ever. They are big and spacious. They can accommodate all the necessary essentials. They are soft and comfortable to carry and they never let you compromise on the style front. The towel bags are essentially shaped like a tote. In fact they are perfect for a day out on the beach or by the pool. And since they still retain the durable quality of the towels, they are extremely sturdy and do not tear easy. So store your car keys and wallet and sunscreens and lotions in these cool bags while you soak some vitamin C.

Towel Dresses for the Kids

Making towel dresses for the little ones can be a great idea. First, they are comfortable and lend a soft touch against the skin of your child. Second, they are colourful and bright for the use of a variety of prints and patterns. And last, they are absorbent, hence, you can be rest assured that your child won’t catch cold when exposed to water for a longer period of time. You can use a number of designs and shapes to tailor the dress. Attach lace to the hem, embellishments to it or a bow along the waistline to make it look delightful and lovable.

Towel Puppets for the Decor

Little elephants, monkeys, frogs, dogs are only some of the few ideas that you can use to craft animal puppets. These are great to adorn the house. You can use same coloured towels or multiple colours together for a perfect finish. The cotton towels are actually the best choice for making puppets as they have a smooth and polished finish. They will amplify the decor of your room and add to the beauty of your house.

You can buy cheap towels in bulk from renowned manufacturers who have vast inventories accessible to all the retailers registered with them. These towels are crafted from superior quality materials which makes them worth the splurge.

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