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Hotel Towels: Everything You Need To Know

Full Audio Version:  Hotel Towels: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever observed how hotel bath towels are the nicest you’ve ever felt? Do you ever feel moved to take one of these simply to have a piece of that warmth in your own home? We’re sure a number of you have had similar thoughts to us. And why wouldn’t we? After a hot, soothing shower, high-quality towels may make all the difference.

So, how do hotels maintain their hotel towels wholesale so soft? Why do our towels disintegrate so quickly and lose all of their fluffiness? What precisely does their management do to ensure that we always receive soft, silky towels?

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Fortunately for you, we have exposed all the mysteries regarding hotel towels in the following blog.

What sort of towel is used in hotels?

You may have noticed that nearly every hotel delivers the same basic towel in every room. They are large, white, silky, and fluffy. Does this imply that all hotels get their towels from the same company?

Are there hidden brand or wholesale bath towels manufacturers that only supply towels to hotels?

The answer is, of course, no. They may all appear to be pretty similar, yet they are all built differently.

When it comes to buying towels, there are several variables to consider. This covers the fabric, the GSM, and even the weight of the towel. Only five-star hotels provide the perfect mix of these qualities to provide you with the softest bath towels ever. Without further ado, let’s have a look at which towels are chosen by hotels.

Dimensions and weight

The more upscale your hotel, the more towels you will discover. If you wind up spending a few nights at a high-end resort, you will be given a set of towels. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and even big bathrobes fall under this category. To provide you with the finest experience possible, they are all manufactured from the softest and coziest fabrics.

The weight of the towel is then taken into account by hotels. If two towels are the same size, they will select the heavier one over the lighter one. But what exactly are the advantages of a thicker towel? To put it simply, they make guests feel more opulent and gentler. Furthermore, denser towels soak more water than lighter towels.

Isn’t it weird that certain towels may weigh up to 20 pounds?


The material of the towel can have a significant impact on its quality. Remember that hotels only use the best fabrics for their high-quality towels. This not only improves absorbency, but also adds durability and softness to the towel. Among a wide range of fabrics, we discovered that hotels prefer 100 percent cotton over all others.

Despite the popularity of microfiber, polyester, and bamboo towels on the market, cotton has long been the king of materials. It is exceptionally robust, sturdy, and absorbent compared to other materials.

Aside from that, you should be aware that cotton comes in several varieties. Egyptian cotton, which is cozier, fluffier, and softer than normal cotton, is preferred by high-end hotels.


When it comes to towel ratings, we utilize GSM or grams per square meter. Towels of good quality have a high GSM value, whilst inferior towels have a low rating. As a result, if your towel is not composed of high-quality materials, the manner of washing or the use of softeners will not affect its fluffiness.

So, what constitutes a good GSM rating? Towels with a GSM of 400-600 tend to be more resilient, softer, and even heavier. Furthermore, they are incredibly absorbent, allowing you to dry quickly after using the towel. Towels with 200-300 GSM, on the other hand, are of poor quality. They are easy to pack for the gym or the beach because they have a low density and are lightweight.

To provide the finest experience for their visitors, hotels demand the highest quality towels. Aside from that, they require ones that can endure some washing, do not degrade, and remain comfy for an extended period. As a result, people choose towels with a high GSM rating.

How do hotels keep their towels white?

To fit their interior decor, most hotels use conventional white towels. But the major question is, how can they stay so white? To protect their towels from turning gray, several hotels employ various methods. While some may prioritize the use of specialized detergents, others may invest in their washing machines.

According to one hotel manager, all stains on the laundry are treated first. They next immerse them in a large pot of baking soda, soap or laundry detergent, and cold water. After that, the towels are boiled for about half an hour, rinsed out, and tossed into the washing machine.

Some hotels decide to use cutting-edge technologies to keep their linens white. This little washing machine uses ultrasonic waves to break down filth, stains, and bacteria on a microscopic level. The best aspect is that they are tiny and time-efficient.

Business owners, find one of the best towel manufacturers in the industry and place your bulk order.

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