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At Oasis Towels, we offer the widest range of custom towels. Our catalog includes every type and variety, for every consumer segment, right from gym and beach towels to sublimation and hotel towels. Check out our collection.

Yes, we offer private label towels. Oasis Towels, in fact, is one of the leading private label towel manufacturers. So, sell or offer towels under your own brand name. Contact us here to know more about our private label towels wholesale.

We have kept this process simple and straightforward. If you want to become a towels distributor, fill out the form here, let us know more about you and if it matches the kind of partner we’re looking for, we can take things forward from there.

Oasis Towels boasts customers across the world. One of the reasons why we’re a preferred towels manufacturer for thousands of wholesalers is our commitment to maintaining superior quality in our offerings. Depending on the type of towel, we may use different types of materials. In any case, we rely on the finest quality fabrics for our towels.

This depends on the type of towels wholesale you’re buying, the customization options you have availed, the bulk quantity, and several other factors. Connect with us today to know about our towels wholesale cost.

Absolutely. We offer our towels wholesale on discount. In several cases, we may further add more discounts; say if you’re our repeat customers or you’re making a large bulk purchase.

It’s fairly simple. Choose from our catalog the type of towels you want to purchase. Fill the form that comes with that towel; let us know your contact details and your quantity requirement. Within one business day, we will reach out to you. You can then provide us the details of how you want to customize the towels wholesale.

We deliver to most of the countries across the world. But in case if you’re unsure if we can process your order and deliver you the bulk, reach out to us and let us know which country you’re in. We’ll tell you if we can fulfill your order.

We have been in the game for long, with now thousands of wholesalers and distributors around the world vouching for our quality and credibility. At Oasis Towels, we aim to deliver our customers not just superior quality towels wholesale at affordable cost but also an exceptional experience. This is a part of the reason why we have a high retention rate.

Check out our catalog and choose the types you want to bulk purchase. Each product comes with an order form. Fill that form, provide us some details, and we will reach out to you with one business day.

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